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Welcome to the Yes Logo Design, the hub for all your designing solutions. Whether it is logo design, web design, animated videos or office stationery design, we bring it all to you. We at YLD pay our highest precedence to our client’s personal records and their private information. We realize the importance of keeping client’s confidential records under tight supervision, and we update our techniques periodically to make it safer than before. We appreciate if you go through our terms and conditions and privacy policy on every occasion you want our services and you can check the date of revisions in our privacy policy. This privacy policy is a part of Yes Logo Design.

Customer Data Request

Customer information request is a form that we want our customers to fill, before they apply to buy our products and services. This form is mandatory to be filled by every client, because without this information we will not be able to assist you in getting our professional services. This request form has some of the simple information about the purchaser, like name, cell-phone number, email address, and other important information. As soon as we acquire the form and the data is processed and recorded in our database, our clients will be able to acquire our services. The information we take in the result of this form submission is kept confidential, and no unauthorized person has permission to see this information.

Log Files and Web Server Information (Cookies)

Yes Logo Design makes use of server cookies to apprehend distinctive types of website users. While customer accepts the cookie, it’s far stored at the client’s private computer and this way we interpret the important information of the customer we are going to serve. This practice is performed to eradicate any unethical or cyber bug to our system. Customers although reserves the right to deny receiving any cookie on their internet server as well. However, this may restrict a number of our functions and personalized services.

Links Provision and Disclaimer

Yes Logo Design provides links to various kinds of ingenious websites to our purchaser which might assist them in some way or other. Despite the fact that we aren’t related to any of these websites, nor we approve any type of content as it was not written by us, but it was guaranteed that none of the sites would ever harm you in any way. If you want to use the information published on those websites, please study their privacy policy and disclaimers before you take any move.

Client Data Protection

At Yes Logo Design, we provide highest security to purchaser’s private information and we never put it on the market for external parties. We also use credit card processing gateways to do billing transaction for our services.